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26th-May-2006 05:34 pm
Well, I'm FINALLY updating my Deviant Art (http://keitaromiyo.deviantart.com/) again! - And my LJ! Squee!! Neeways! School is almost over - thank GAWD! The best part is I only have 4 finals! Two of my classes don't have one. YAY!

Well, my art teacher told me that my painting was very good. She said that I was gonna end up being a great painter (she said this when I went up to her to ask her where I should put more yellow XD). Yeah, I felt kind of bad, 'cause I acctually don't like that class...mostly because of her XD. I mean, she's really...I donno...she acts like we're stupid. I accutally kind of sad that she's retiring...I mean, what if we get stuck with someone who thinks that we're dumber?! Y___Y Oh well...Hopefully the next teacher'll be...not crappy.
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