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8th-Jun-2006 01:18 pm
Ruki - Shhhh
Why does this summer have to suuuuuuk??? All this week I've been helping Ben move. I've been cleaning and packing allll dayyy. I feel so pooped (< that is such a funny word XD). Mrrr...I feel sick. Ben moving makes me depressed...but I talked to him about it and I feel better, I guess. *sigh* I'm just glad that he's happy (he hates Munster). Man, but all this crap is really making me feel sick and crappy. Oh well.
Neeways,I made a Deviant Art account for my sister and she's so happy. XD Man, last night I was have an awsome drawing day...or night...whatever - I drew three new pictures of peoples. I was like, "YAY!". XD
Nnyah - today is gonna be soooo boring! *bashes head in*
8th-Jun-2006 09:04 pm (UTC)
*glomps* I still wuvvle you. Don't worry, thing'll be okie pokie.
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