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4th-Aug-2006 08:12 pm
I can't wait until tomorrow! I have a job interview for this one Mexican restaurant that I go to all of the time - the good thing is, the people there already know me and my mom, so yea. Finally, I'll have a job and my dad won't bug the hell out of me anymore! YAY!!! Gawd! My dad won't shut up about me getting a job! *bashes head in* Oh well...It'll all be over soon. Hehehe.
I'm also gonna save up for an Intuos3! I want one soooo badly - but they're soooo expensive! *dies*
29th-Sep-2006 05:14 am (UTC)
OHMEGAWSH I read in Kari's LJ it's your birthday. And why are you not on my LJ friends list? T_T Waaahh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ohh noes, I'm like, 15 minutes too late. Dang. Well, uh. Yeah! XD
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