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Best Day Ever 
14th-Feb-2007 06:49 am
Wow... Dir en Grey concert... Wow... Wow...
Yesh, I made it to the concert with Grace and Kadi. Yesh. I had one of the best days of my life.

Yeah, if was like going though Hell to get there [to the concert]! Our train was running on time, until we got to the station! We had to wait about an hour for the stupid thing to get to the station! It was FREESING and WET. I was pissed and I wanted to die. I seriously didn't think that we'd make it. The train FINALLY came and we were off! I was leik YESS! But - to my horror - the train had to STOP because of the stupid weather! It took about 10 minutes to get it running again, but yeah. I was trying so hard not to start freaking out. That was NOT fun. Not at all, but at least we found interesting people (other fans) to talk to.

We finally got there, though! It was so much fun! I was way in back at first, but Kari, Amy, Grace, and I shoved out way through the moshers and got up realllllly close - so close! I was so happy! I couldn't believe it, especially because I never thought I would get to see my favorite band! I nearly cried! Anyway! The pit was pretty much a hell-hole, but I didn't care. I've never felt so violated in my life! But, yeah, Amy even lifted me up, so I could see Kyo SO well! She lifted me up leik three times! The third time was the best, though! Se lifted me up while Kyo was RIGHT there and HE LOOKED - STARED RIGHT AT ME! I mean, it wasn't like one of those quick, iffy looks, it was BAM-STARE-WHOISTHATFREAKBEINGHELDUP! When he was looking at me, I really freaked the heck out - I've never screamed so loudly in my life. Wow... Wow... It's still sinking in.

And OMGOMGOMG! They played almost every song that I wanted them to! I was freaking out! I mean, when they started playing "Obscure", I was screaming and cheering like a freak of nature. I've never been so hyper and crazy at a concert in my whole life! I nearly had a heart attack when they started playing "Jesus Christ R'nR" - I LOVE that song to death. And Kyo totally started making out with the mic! It was so awesomeness! He basically held it above his head by the cord and started licking it all over! I actually started laughing through my constant cheering. I'm such a loserness. XD And Die looked so amazing! I could see Kyo and Die the best, though, I could see Toshiya and Kaoru quite a bit too, when they came a bit closer to the stage (which was often, so it was all good). MAN! We where so close that I could see Die's tiny eyebrows! FWAHAHA!

But, MAN! I was so close to catching Kaoru's pick! Some (sorry) bastard elbowed me really hard in the ribs, when I was reaching to catch it - that really hurt. I was so mad! SO MAD! The pick fell on the floor and the guy nudged me out of the way and he picked it up just before me... I wish now that I had hit him... Shoved him... SOMETHING! I was just too tired though. But I don't really care - KYO LOOKED AT ME. And spit on me, if that was him spitting a bunch of water at the audience (I was going all crazy and didn't really know what was going on). OH! And, as I was screaming, Toshiya took a sip of his water, then tossed the rest out into the audience - a HUGE glob landed on my cheek and in my mouth - I was leik OMGOMGOMGLETMEDIENOW.

Yes... So now my hair is a serious mess and I look dead. I can't go back to sleep and I'm hungry and smelly, but I just had the best day... well night of my life.

Thank you SO much, Grace (she got me the ticket for Christmas). I LOVE you so much! I don't even know what to say! And I love you too, Amy! Thank you so much for lifting me up by my belt at the right times! I LOVE EVERYONE!
Except that jerk who elbowed me...
and that girl with the crazy curly hair who kept smacking me in the head with hers...

15th-Feb-2007 10:58 pm (UTC)
He looked at you OMG! Now you're having his babies! xDDD
Dude, I almost had a heartattack for Jesus Christ R'n'R tooo! xD I looked like SUCH a dumby! Hahaha cue stupid wtf dancing >>>
Yup, best day thus far 8D
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