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8th-May-2006 08:13 pm - A-CEN!
Little Me
Ohmygod...There is just TOO much to say...It was the BEST a-con yet! I had so much fun! I mean I did SO much more this year than I did the last...Thank god! I mean, I didn't even cosplay last time I went to an anime convention. Cosplaying is so much fun, even though I totally messed it up! My hair realllly sucked! I was supposted to get it dyed/highlighted, but my appointment got canceled. -.-; Oh well - I still had an awsome time and people actually knew who I was! YAY!


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21st-Mar-2006 06:04 pm - YAYNESS
Little Me
YAY! Now that I have DSL, I'm finally updating everything! I hate AOL! *stomps on it*
Anyway! I updated my Deviant Art stuffs ( http://keitaromiyo.deviantart.com/ )! Yaya! I feel like I've acomplished something in life. XD;
15th-Mar-2006 04:00 pm - Pfft!
Ruki - Shhhh
Heh - I wore a skirt today (second time this year XD). Most of mi friends were like: "Ahaha! Alexa's wearing a skirt!". It was pretty amusing. Though, I only wore it 'cause Ben said that I was too manly! I was like, "WTF?!", but he said he was just kidding. Pfft, yeah, right. >.<;
Yeah, um, Mortie died (my ferret). It ended up that he was having kidny problems because of cancer. I'm just happy that he isn't suffering anymore...*sigh* I wish that I could have done more for him...
Well, it's been a long time since I last updated my LJ. Heh. I'm so boring. XD

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8th-Jan-2006 11:40 am - New Haircut!
Little Me
Yeah...I got a new hair cut. Hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, at first, my hair was supposed to...NOT flip, but then I wanted it to look like Akiya's, so I told Jane (my hair-cut person XD) that I wanted it shorter - that's when ONE side flipped. The other side wouldn't though, so I have to MAKE it! XD;;;
1st-Jan-2006 03:29 pm - OMG! I'M BACK!
Little Me
I haven't posted in FOREVER! XD;

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11th-Oct-2005 10:21 am - Who's Good? ME!
Little Me
YAY! After a lonnnnng time I finally scanned most of the pictures in my sketchbook and posted them on DA! It only took me forever! XD; Yeah, but I feel better now that I have them up, so yeah. ^___^
See? http://keitaromiyo.deviantart.com/

Yeah, um, this week is so awsome! Ya know why? 'Cause my mumsies said that if Aya and I stay in touch I could stay at her house (in Japan) instead of doing the exchange student thing! And, to me, that is WAY better! I want to meet her so badly and she wants to meet me too! GAH! Why can't time go faster!!! <.<; Okay, I'm done now! ^_____^
9th-Oct-2005 04:34 pm - SHOPPING
Little Me
YAY! I have clothes now! Yesterday my mom's friend gave me a gift certificate for Hot Topic! YEAH! So I immediately went there and bought stuff. XD; Alas, I only bought 2 things: http://www.hottopic.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=233912&RN=283 and http://www.hottopic.com/store/product.asp?LS=0&ITEM=210728&RN=432 (I donno when I would wear those, but oh well! My sister and I liked them so, yeah - ANIME convention? Well, then today I went shopping with my grandma and I got more clothes! YEAH!
2nd-Oct-2005 10:55 am - A LATE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME
Little Me
Yeah, it was my birthday on the 28. XD; It was leik so awsome (at my mom's). My mom took Grace, my sister, and me to Little Tokyo (my favorite restaurant) and, after, took us to see The Corpse Bride! It was so much fuuuun! Yeah, and I gots mi dollfie!!! I was leik "OMG!". Hehehehe! Neeways, my dollfie is a minisuper dollfie (male) and I FINALLY named him Kira! YAY! Also, Grace and my sister made me this awsome scrapbook of EVERYthing I like (well almost everything XD). It was so cute! They worked so hard on it!!! -^.^-

At my dad's, we (my sister, my dad, my dad's wife, my grandparents and I) went to House of Kobe (my second favorite restaurant)!!! YAY!!! I was sooo happy, but then I found out that my favorite chef moved to INDONESIA! I was like, "WTF???!!!", but then I was fine, since the food came! XD; Well, neeways, I got some really cool boots from my dad!

GAWD! So much has happed - it's hard to fit it all! I'll just post some more later! XD!

I sent my letter to you, Julie! Did you get it yet??? If not, I hope you do sooooon!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* Sorry I haven't been online much lately...I've been REALLY busy! I MISS YOU!
16th-Sep-2005 07:26 pm - Blahhh...
Little Me
Maaan, my birthday is reallllly gonna suck this year. It's like my dad forgot it was coming up...Oh well. Another sucky year - what else is new? But at least I'm getting my first male mini super dollfie - but I donno what to name him!!!

Neeways, my friend, Justin, really has NO clue when to stop sticking his nose into other people's business. Okay, I highly doubt I'm going to homecoming, but he just KEPT asking me why! I told him there were certain reasons why, but he just won't shut it! The rest of day I felt like crap, until I went to Grace's! Grace always makes me feel better! XD; GO GRACE!
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